West Fargo man charged with threatening to kill probation officer

MINNEAPOLIS (KVRR) – A West Fargo man has been charged with threatening to murder his probation officer.

The Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s office says 69-year-old Robert Ivers became upset following a hearing to revoke his probation for a previous felony conviction.

Ivers was taken to an interview room where he pounded his fists on a table, broke a chair leg and threw his paperwork while continuously screaming the word “hate.” prosecutors say when leaving the room, ivers extended his middle fingers and said he would find someone to kill the probation officer.

In 2016, Ivers ran for mayor of Hopkins, Minnesota.  During a candidate debate, Ivers referred to minorities as “ethnics” and “coloreds” and said that a proposed light rail line would bring “riffraff and trash from Minneapolis.”

Ivers’ past conviction was for threatening a federal judge in St. Paul about four years ago. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison in that case.

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