Squirrels Softball and Baseball Preparing for the Season



The Central Cass Squirrels softball team is looking to add 2023 to their long list of championships. But this year that process starts in the gym, a little longer than expected. Head coach Scott Kost and his players aren’t counting out opening day yet and talk about the culture the squirrels have built.

“I don’t ever admit to defeat so I’m not gonna say that April 11 is out but it looks it looks a little dicey right now,” said Head Coach Scott Kost. “We need our upperclassmen to lead and they’re doing a fantastic job. I think through the years that just kind of carries on and that’s how the tradition has been built.

Senior Third Baseman, Catie Sinner preaches the championship mindset that Coach Kost has built.

“Scott preaches the championship mindset, work hard to have fun, win as much as you can, but learn from your mistakes,” said Sinner. “Don’t overlook anybody because you never know what can happen and just keep thinking that championship mindset.

And in the other gym, the squirrels baseball team is getting ready to start their season. After coming up short in the state tournament the past few years, the Squirrels are looking for a return to glory. For Head coach Dustin Maasjo, the gym preparation is nothing new.

In 2013, we had short season we only played 17 games… we went 13 and 4 and won state,” said Coach Maasjo. “So, we’ve done this before. Talking to these guys, It’s a mentality. You have to go out there no matter if it’s in a gym, on the field, or in a parking lot. No matter where it’s at, you just have to have the mentality that we’re getting better each day.

Junior Pitcher and First Baseman Cole Holzer just won a championship in basketball. He is looking forward to getting outside to begin a baseball championship run.

“It stinks [that we can’t be outside], but we’ve talked about it at practice every once and awhile,” said Holzer, “While it might be a while until we get out there, we’ve got to keep our head down and keep working inside and make sure we get better every day no matter what the weather’s like.


Softball is slated to begin April 11 for the Squirrels.

Baseball is slated to begin April 14.

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