The Importance of Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – With the summer months, it means more and more people are outside enjoying the sun. However, it is important to remember to take care of your skin.

It also can impact your skin medically and from a beauty standpoint.

“Wearing your sun screen. Hydration, keeping hydrated. Lot’s of water helps with the skin.” said Quinn Iwen with Infinite Skin.

It can cause early aging of the skin and wrinkles. However, there are treatments out there to help.

“Do some peels. We have lasers. We have micro-needling.” said Iwen.

According to John Hopkins Medicine overexposure to sunlight can cause cancer, premature aging of the skin, development of cataracts and other harmful effects.

“UVA rays, that’s kind of our damage, like wrinkles and sun spots. And UVB is where we see the sun burns that can cause permanent damage to the skin,” said Vanessa Coulter of Essentia Health. “It is really important to take skin health seriously and practice sun safety and that’s the number one way that you can really take care of your skin.”

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