Town Of The Week

Britton, SD – Town of the Week – 5-25-21

Britton defeated Wheaton to win the final Town of the Week of the season.  One correction to our story, Dallas Goedert is the Eagles player from Britton. Somehow I wrote Tyler Goodert down on my notes and it stuck.  No idea where I got Tyler and my bad handwriting made an O look like an E. My apologies to Britton…

Ottertail, MN – Town of the Week – 4/27/21

It the largest vote total of the year so far and one of the largest ever for Town of the Week as Ottertail edges out Portland.  Ottertail is as big as it has ever been and has a small downtown that has undergone redevelopment over the last 10 years. Congratulations on winning Town of the Week. Categories: Town Of The…

Grace City, ND – Town of the Week 4-20-21

Grace City is another town with a fun origin story about how it got its name. Locals are very proud of the cafe that took over the old school cafeteria.  Congratulations Grace City!! Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: Foster County, Grace City, Midkota School District, TOWN OF THE WEEK

Nome, ND – Town of the Week 3-30-21

Nome with only 56 people had one of the largest vote totals of the year.  In addition to Town of the Week you can check out the story we did on the Nome School in 2019 Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: barnes county, Enderlin, nome

Veblen, SD – Town of the Week 3-23-21

Veblen becomes our fourth Town of the Week from South Dakota. With a large dairy operation the town has its largest population in its history. Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: Marshall County South Dakota, SISSETON, South Dakota, TOWN OF THE WEEK, Veblen