Health Educators Raise Awareness for Smokeless Tobacco Use

Educators teach about the harsh side effects of chewing tobacco during the "Great American Spit Out"

FARGO, N.D. —┬áSome people view smokeless tobacco as a safer option to smoking. However, due to its effect on the mouth, doctors say chewing tobacco is a deadly alternative. “Gingival types of cancer are from a lot of the juices, and that’s one of the biggest thing we see is a lot of the mouth cancers, and that is a…

Moorhead’s South Park Wading Pool Hosts Annual Doggy Dip

All dogs were welcome to participate in the fun and owners had to pay $2.50 for their pet

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The summer is almost over but some of our furry friends are taking advantage of beautiful weather. They are wagging their tails and splashing around at the South Park Wading Pool in Moorhead for their annual Doggy Dip. Before closing the pool for the season, they clean out the water and let the dogs roam free. All…