Local Church Distributes Food To Families In Need

Over a thousand families received food boxes during today's distribution

FARGO, N.D.- Almost 2,000 boxes full of fruits and vegetables from USDA farmers will be heading to the homes and into the stomachs of many families in the F-M area. “Farmers are going through a hard time. They’ve grown their produce, their product, but, because of the covid situation, many restaurants and places have had to close down, so a…

Farmers Learn How to Improve Sales at Farmers Markets

The Farmers Market Round Up teaches farmers how to be better salespeople

FARGO, N.D. — Farmers learned several lessons about being more approachable at farmers markets, such as having service with a smile, an attractive and eye–catching display of produce and other goods, as well as meaningful connections with consumers. These producers listened to new ideas and updates on upcoming farmers markets this year. Organizations like the Foundation for Agricultural and Rural…