Callaway, White Earth Reservation Breaking into the Hemp Industry

Hemp Field Day was held at White Earth Reservation to celebrate the second growing season

CALLAWAY, Minn. — The people of Callaway, Minnesota and on the White Earth Reservation are hoping to help their community’s economy grow. But can their products find a place in the market? For starters, it’s important to point out hemp is not just marijuana. It’s a plant that is bred specifically to create products like clothing and construction materials. There…

United Way is Celebrates May Day…with a Meaning

Volunteers from United Way helped distribute and read books to children for May Day

FARGO, ND — Flowers and candy aren’t the only things being distributed in May Day baskets. Volunteers arrived at United Way to gather books and then headed to SENDCAA Childcare to read and give them to the children for their 6th annual ‘May Day Baskets of Books”. More than 1,000 books were delivered to 14 other local childcare centers in…