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9th Grade Students are Getting Some Hands-on Career Experience

The expo is geared at teaching students about professions they can pursue without going to a four year college

FARGO, ND — Ninth graders from around the region are getting exposed to a variety of job opportunities. For the last 15 years, the Health, Tech and Trades Career Expo has brought in thousands of students to explore the healthcare, construction, concrete, aviation and machinery industries. The students get a hands–on experience with experts. The expo is geared at teaching…

Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion: Learning About the Importance of Old Time Farming

"Teaching you about your ancestors and how they lived before you did and how technology has improved"

ROLLAG, Minn. — All the clinks and clunks may surprise you, but those noises come with using some old time farming equipment. “My favorite part of today was riding a tractor,” said Trinity St. Clarre a visitor at the show. Kids, families and generations of threshermen are reliving the good ol’ days by bringing some old farming traditions back to…