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People of Buffalo Asking Supreme Court to Reconsider Approval of Hog Farm

The state Supreme Court approved the company's $15 million Hog Farm which would be built about a mile from Buffalo

BUFFALO, ND — Landowners in Buffalo are asking the state Supreme Court to reconsider their approval of a hog farm. “What bothers me the most is they didn’t do their homework,” said Lee Frasse, who lives in Buffalo. “If this was supposed to be a great thing, why didn’t they come out publicly and talk about it? They had to…

People of Buffalo Say a Hog Farm Could Pollute Their Drinking Water

The majority of a small town is upset after the state Supreme Court allowed hog farm permits

BUFFALO, ND — The North Dakota Supreme Court approved permits for a hog facility near Buffalo, North Dakota. Several people living there have spent more than a year trying to keep it from being built, saying it can heavily pollute the area. In the 2016 election, nearly 76 percent voted “no” to corporate dairy and swine farming. This leaves neighbors…