WARNING: Increase in Garage Burglaries and Break-Ins in Fargo

The thieves have been stealing personal belongings, wallets and valuables from vehicles parked inside

FARGO, ND — The Fargo Police Department is issuing a warning after several garage breakā€“ins in the area. Authorities say they have responded to an increased number of burglaries of garages, most of which have been for apartment complexes in the Fargo area. Fargo Police’s Crime Free Housing Coordinator is working with local property management companies to educate them on…

Construction on New Sanford Facility Complete

The massive new Sanford Medical Center in South Fargo is officially finished

FARGO, N.D. — Construction on the new Sanford Medical Center in South Fargo is finally over. A chairman for Mortenson Construction handed over the keys to Paul Richard, Sanford’s Executive Vice President. Construction on the massive $494 million project began back in 2012, building from a completely empty plot of land. Sanford officials say more than 4,000 workers from across…