North Dakota Highway Officials Increase Littering Fines by 400 Percent

The bill was passed during the last legislative session

FARGO, ND — You may want to reconsider tossing a cigarette out your car window from now on. Highway officials are cracking down on litter by imposing a 400 percent fine increase. Anyone caught tossing trash out on the highway will now have to pay a $500 fine as opposed to the standard $100. The bill was passed during the…

Roadway Litterbugs Beware: Fines May Drastically Increase for ND

North Dakota lawmakers approved a $500 fine for littering while driving

FARGO, N.D. — Drivers in North Dakota could face harsher fines for throwing garbage on state highways. NDDOT workers said it’s bad for the environment and can even be dangerous to other drivers. If you get caught littering on state highways in North Dakota, the fine is $100. But changing laws could drastically raise the fine to $500. The bill…