Astronomy Update

Look for a thin crescent moon through next week.  That week’s update will come out early on Tuesday to coincide with the fall equinox. Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: earth, equinox, fall, jupiter, mars, mercury, moon, Planets, saturn, SPACE, stars, sun, venus

Astronomy Update

Temperatures will rise through the weekend, but new clouds will make stargazing a little tough this week.  The moon is on its way out so at least we have less light pollution. Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: astronomy, earth, jupiter, mars, mercury, moon, Planets, saturn, SPACE, stars, venus

Astronomy Update

Nights are dipping into the 40s this week, but the moon should be very easy to spot.  Look for planets a few hours after sunset for the warmest conditions. Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: astronomy, earth, jupiter, mars, mercury, moon, Planets, saturn, SPACE, stars, venus

Astronomy Update

Clouds that stick around through next week prevent great stargazing for the start of November.  Even if it were more clear, with a lot of planets hidden it would be hard to find more than two easily.  The moon is dimming this week, so any break in the clouds will have less light pollution. Tags: jupiter, mars, mercury, moon, saturn,…

UND Space Studies Department Does Fifth “Mars” Mission

The crew did 12 experiments including growing plants and testing new space suits

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — There aren’t many space studies departments in the world but it just so happens there’s one in Grand Forks. “It was founded by Buzz Aldrin actually, the space studies department,” said Prahbu Victor. Since UND’s program began in the 1980’s, the department has given students who have a love and curiosity of everything to do with…

Astronomy Update for February 5, 2018

When can we see Mars and Jupiter?

Today, Meteorologist Scott Sincoff took a look at the next pass of the International Space Station and showed us when Mars and Jupiter will be visible in the Red River Valley. Categories: Morning – In The Studio, Weather Blog Tags: astronomy, International Space Station, ISS, jupiter, mars, moon, SPACE

THE BIZ: H&M Apologizes for “Racist” Ad, Verizon Price Hike, Starbucks Lawsuit, American Girl’s GOTY is Out of this World

Starbucks could be saying "thanks a latte."

NATIONAL — American Girl has always known she is a star, but now you can say she’s out of this world. The 2018 American Girl of the Year is 11-year-old aspiring astronaut, Luciana Vega, who wants to be the first person to walk on Mars. American Girl has partnered with NASA and says the idea for Luciana came from a…

UND Students Free After Simulation of Two-Week Mars Mission

This was the university's fourth mission in its NASA-funded Inflatable Lunar-Mars Habitat project

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Students at UND disembarked from another in a string of missions orchestrated by the university to test the latest in space technology. The students lived in a self–contained environment meant to represent living conditions astronauts could face on a mission to Mars. UND simulates what life would be like living on Mars through their Inflatable Lunar–Mars…