Mathematical Oncology Helping Patients Manage Cancer

Doctors say this way of treatment is revolutionary when it comes to battling cancer

NATIONAL — It’s called mathematical oncology and doctors say it’s a new way to take a look at treating cancer. Doctors, Mathematicians and Scientists at Moffitt Cancer Center are trying to work with all the variables when it comes to cancer and work them into mathematical equations to better understand the disease. By doing the math, doctors can better analyze…

Why Your Veterinarian May Send You to the Pharmacy

Some medications are not available for pick up at the vet

NORTH DAKOTA — Pet owners are being sent to the pharmacy instead of their vet to get medications As of April 1st, the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy has enforced stricter laws when it comes to some medications. Specifically, compound medications, or dispensing a drug in a different form. “There was no allowance for the veterinarian previous to us creating…