Miles Wosick

Wosick’s Sick Play Wins Am Fam HS Play of the Week

Shanley's Miles Wosick gunned out a runner at the plate.

FARGO, N.D. – The Shanley Deacons received the 4 seed in the EDC baseball tournament. Miles Wosick showed why against Grand Forks Central when he threw out a runner at the plate from his left field position. Wosick’s 7-2 putout wins the Am Fam high school play of the week. Congratulations to Miles. Categories: High School, Play of the Week,…

Am Fam HS Play of the Week Nominees: May 26th

Wosick's throw vs. Brooks' Robbery

FARGO, N.D. – The nominees for the American Family Insurance High School Play of the Week are a couple of gems from the baseball diamond at Young field. Play number one comes from Shanley’s Miles Wosick who throws out a runner at the plate against Grand Forks Central. Play number two is from Davies’ Jonathan Brooks who made a diving catch in the…