Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Taskforce

The F-M Community Marches For Missing And Murdered Indigenous People

A indigenous man spoke about a family tragedy that changed his life.

FARGO, N.D.- Native Americans in the region want their voices to be heard. “That’s why we’re crying out to the community, that’s why we’re trying to get awareness going, is there really is no real solid statistics. The closest thing that we have to statistics right now is in 2016 there was over 6,000 murdered, missing indigenous people and only…

Using ‘Blanket Exercise’ to spread awareness about Indigenous communities

Lutheran Social Services ND partners with F–M Missing & Murdered Indigenous People Taskforce

FARGO, N.D. — For Amanda Vivier, also known as ChokeCherry Woman from the Turtle Mountain Reservation, being targeted is an everyday occurrence. “I’ve had people follow me around in the stores. We deal with those things every day,” said Vivier, a member of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Taskforce. Those at the Taskforce say a lack of awareness and…