Peter Dinklage

Husky Dogs in High Demand Due to Game of Thrones

Homeward Animal Shelter staff says people bring in huskies all the time because they can't commit to them

FARGO, ND — Game of Thrones fans are being encouraged to stop buying huskies because of how they’re portrayed in the show. According to a star of the HBO show, Peter Dinklage, huskies are in high demand because they look similar to the direwolves in the show. However, once owners realize how much work they are they’re abandoned. Homeward Animal…

Lemonade Stand Helps Dogs at a Moorhead Car Dealership

One of the dogs has apparently become a local celebrity

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Several dogs stopped by Muscatell Subaru in Moorhead and they weren’t there to buy a new car. Pooches from 4 Luv of Dog animal rescue showed up for Y-94’s final Lemonade Stand of the summer. Proceeds go to the rescue while visitors got free engraved name tags for their pets. They had many people throughout the afternoon…