Hoeven and Peterson Join Forces to Help Sugar Beet Industry in Crisis

Sugar beet farmers in the valley are struggling as low crop prices and temperatures have hampered the harvest.

WHEATLAND, N.D. –¬† “Nobody made money raising beets this year. Regardless if you’re on the insurance side, or if you raised and delivered a crop, everybody lost money.” said one sugar beet farmer in attendance. The sugar beet industry is facing a unique and devastating set of circumstances, as a wet fall and early winter storm have made harvesting their…

Property Tax Frustrations Brought to the County Budget Meeting

One man told commissioners he might move to Minnesota

FARGO, ND — People told Cass County leaders how they could be driven from their homes with the latest property tax increase. It’s their main concern while commissioners begin to finalize the 2018 budget. “It’s got me looking at moving to Moorhead because the property taxes are quite a bit lower there,” said¬†Merrill Hinger of West Fargo. Many property owners…

City Workers Explain the Smelly Side of Showering

What causes these odors and why you shouldn't be concerned

FARGO, N.D. — Many people in the Valley could be getting weird smells from their shower at this time of year. If your water smells earthy, Fargo city workers have an answer. They say any smell of chlorine or organic smells coming from your shower aren’t something you should be concerned about. “We generally see this at the end of…