Groundbreaking Research at NDSU Could Change the Future of Cancer

Patients that die because of these two diseases are dying because of the metastasis

FARGO, ND — In the world we currently live in, there is no cure for cancer but in many forms, such as breast and prostate cancer, it can be cured if caught early. But what happens when that cancer spreads? It could mean the end of a life…but NDSU is changing what that could mean in the future. KVRR’s Jessie…

Health Matters: Primary and Secondary Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Secondary Raynauds will cause much discoloration and happens much more often

HEALTH MATTERS — If you find your finger tips are often uncomfortable in the cold, you may have Raynaud’s pehnomenon. When you live in a colder climate, how do you know if the pain could be a result of an autoimmune disease? Many of us know the pain the tips of our fingers and toes can feel when we’re out…