Semehar Tesfaye

Semehar Tesfaye Wins Third Straight Fargo Marathon

Semehar Tesfaye is the first runner to win three in a row in any Fargo marathon event

FARGO, N.D. —Thousands of people lined the streets of Fargo, roughly 1,800 embarked on the 26.2 mile journey back to the Fargodome, but only two can say they’re the 2018 Fargo Marathon champions. Grofrey Terer was the first marathoner to cross the finish line Saturday morning for the men. He clocked a two-hour, thirty minute mark and will take home…

Semehar Tesfaye Repeats as Fargo Marathon Women’s Champion

David Tuwei wins the Men's Marathon

Men’s Top 10 Davied Tuwei, 2:28:24 Bernard Too, 2:29:25 Gregory Liebl, 2:36:18 Francesco Arato, 2:36:19 Timothy Lillehaugen, 2:39:11 Jason Acosta, 2:40:12 Thomas Stolee, 2:45:55 Cole Lemke, 2:47:24 Dustin Sandbak, 2:51:11 Keith Lehman, 2:51:18 Women’s Top 10 Semehar Tesfaye, 2:38:09 Lindsey Pierret, 2:48:11 Katie Rusch, 2:57:30 Allison Windish, 3:01:45 Liesi Meuhlhauser, 3:03:46 Erica Schramm, 3:04:39 Hiedi Johnson, 3:11:20 Clare Kazmierczac, 3:11:46…