Geeking Out Over A Town Of The Week Tie

Adam Ladwig Has Been Waiting For This Moment for Years

  I’ve been working here for almost four and a half years, and I’ve been waiting for something to happen that entire time. I, like many of you, love Rob Kupec’s Town of the Week. I love how he highlights all the unique small towns that make up our amazing region. But I’ve always had one question, and we finally…

Horace, ND – Town of the Week 2-25-20

Horace and Barneville gave us our first tie for Town of the Week, so we figured we would feature both. We flipped a coin to see who would go first and it was heads for Horace.  Go Hornets and in the not too distant future, Go Hawks! Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: city of horace, Horace Greely, TOWN OF…

Jamestown – Town of the Week 2/4/2020

Jamestown has tried several time to win Town of the Week and finally pulled it off. We focus on the numerous people of note that have a connection to Jamestown. Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: Darin Erstad, jamestown, Louis L’amour, Richard Hieb, Ronda Rousey, Shadoe Stevens, TOWN OF THE WEEK

Shevlin, MN – Town of the Week – 1/14/2020

Carl Swanson from Shevlin is seen with his dog and cow. Carl walked or rode with a cow from International Falls to Galveston, TX to raise awareness of the difficulties in cattle producers.  The photo was left out of Town of the Week because of an error. Categories: Minnesota News, Town Of The Week Tags: CLEARWATER COUNTY, SHEVLIN, TOWN OF…

Barney, ND – Town of the Week 12-10-19

This little town of 50 got over 1,000 votes to win Town of the Week.  They have a brand new bar that has just opened up in the last few weeks. They also have one the more interesting characters we have run across in Town of the Week. Congratulations Barney!! Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: Barney, Richland County, TOWN…

Mountain, ND – Town of the Week 12-3-19

This northern valley town of under 100 was founded by Icelandic immigrants. The northern Red River Valley has one of the largest concentrations of people that trace their ancestry to Iceland. Congratulations Mountain. Categories: North Dakota News, Town Of The Week Tags: ICELANDIC HERITAGE, MOUNTAIN, PEMBINA COUNTY, TOWN OF THE WEEK