Glass Painting Course

Community memebrs learn tricks and tips on glass painting

The Probstfield Moorhead Community Center teaches a two hour class where participants learn tips and techniques about hand painting glasses.

Once they are done painting, they take home their glasses are put them in a 420 degree oven to make them dishwasher safe.

The course teaches participants how to paint on glass while also expanding their horizons.

“Every time you learn a new skill or a new craft it makes your brain fire up a little differently, it makes you think about the world little differently and the more you’re exposed to new learning experiences the more your natural curiosity is peeked and that’s a good thing for us adults. We should all be lifelong learners,” says Anne Kaese, Moorhead community ed. teacher.

This is one of the many courses that are offered at the community center.

To learn more about the other classes, visit or call 218.284.3400

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