Housing Resolution Against Discrimination

 The City of Moorhead works to prevent housing discrimination, as they approve a resolution to assess fair housing.
The resolution for the assessment of fair housing will allow the city to continue to be aware of the possibility and concept of segregation, and concentrated areas of poverty.

At Monday’s council meeting, members decided to generate an annual race and ethnicity density map to try and stop any kind of discrimination when people are looking for homes.
The resolution is required for certain city grants but council members still think it’s a great idea.

“Being a member of the Human Rights Commission. being the counsel representative there and working with other organizations, here I think it’s very important that we do pass the fair housing resolution because it’s very representative of the changing diversity of the Moorhead community,” said Moorhead City Council member Mari Dailey.

Mayor Del Rae is excited about Moorhead’s growth.
The city saw 2,000 new residents this year with the annexation of Oakport Township.
The mayor says citizens are expecting a couple of things from the city in the coming year.

 “They primarily want it to be neighborhood, family friendly, walk–able, art comes up often so there is some really common themes that come up quite a bit,” said Mayor Williams.

Williams also wants to revitalize downtown and make the Moorhead Center Mall a Moorhead hotspot.

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