Minn. Considers Lowering Drinking Age

Lowering the drinking age in Minnesota is an idea being talked about at the Capitol. The bill would allow 18-year-old’s to drink in bars and restaurants but would restrict them from buying alcohol in stores.

A lower drinking age has students like 20-year-old Allie Tulintseff thinking. After careful thought, Allie agreed with one Minnesota state representative.

“I think that if you’re considered an adult, why aren’t you able to do things other adults are able to,” Tulintseff says.

State representative Phyllis Kahn of Minneapolis proposed this bill because of problems with binge drinking on college campuses. And even though Wurst Bier Hall in Fargo is on the other side of the river, its general manager has a similar opinion.

“I think that if you can make decisions like be in the military and things like that, that drinking should be a part of that age,” says Andrea Williams, General Manager of Wurst Bier Hall.

But what about the establishments that would be serving the 18 to 20-year-old’s? While bar staff admits it would be great for business, one employee says the reward isn’t worth the risk.

“We want to keep our customers safe and happy and healthy and I just don’t think that 18-year-old’s are ready for that,” says Jesse Linstad, General Manager of Mick’s Office in Moorhead.

And surprisingly enough, some students agree with him.

“I think it could distract away from the studying that students do on campus,” says Taylor Rodriguez, a 20-year-old MSUM student.

“With all the problems that alcohol can cause like drinking and driving I don’t see why you would want to lower the drinking age,” says Emma Sattler, a 21-year-old MSUM student.

For the time being, students will still have to wait until 21 to cheers an alcoholic drink. The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association has not yet taken a position on the bill.

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