Valentine’s Day Red Hot Run

A re-commitment to a New Years resolution of health

Some started their Valentine’s day with a ‘Red Hot Run.’

The YMCA hosted their first annual Valentine’s Day Red Hot Run.

The event consisted of a three mile run, seven mile run and a relay race.

The idea behind this run is for attendees to recommit to their health and begin a new hale and hearty life style.

Attendees were also encouraged to pick up their new year’s resolution again.

“This time a year is when people start, we see, people start dropping of their new year’s resolution, so we really wanted to have a seven mile, three mile run, because it is that time were people are also training for the marathon – So it’s a great middle of the road training period,”

Hot beverages and door prizes were awarded following the race.

The next big event the YMCA is holding is the Healthy Kid’s Day, on the 25th of April.

For more information about events held at the Y, visit their website.