Local Mixologists Battle It Out

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 Area bartenders battled it out to be crowned this year’s top mixologist.

Eight Bartenders from around the Fargo–Moorhead area had drinks judged by High Plains Reader’s staff.

This was the last round in a series of competitions.

Competitors were judged on creativity, presentation and flavor.

Each competitor’s drink was auctioned off for charity.

“People think of bartenders as drink slingers, like you know I want a Whiskey Coke, I want a Rum Coke and here they’re actually showing their talents of what they actually can make and craft themselves and there’s a big movement in it all over the country,” said J. Earl Miller with the High Plains Reader.

“There’s so many different ingredients, so many different drinks that you can make and to put all these ingredients together in different ways, to make amazing drinks that keep you want to keep trying new things, why not?” said Jessica Reid of Fargo.

This was the second year for the competition.