Tax Fraud on the Rise

H& R Block’s Joyce Meyer can’t believe how many people are getting their identities stolen.

Tax–refund fraud is expected to soar again this tax season, and hit $21 billion by 2016.

But how can you avoid becoming a victim? Make sure whoever your filing with is legitimate.

Joyce Meyer said, “Are they opened all year round? Are they in this business as a paid tax service? And you know do you feel comfortable with it, it is your private information you got to be cautious with it.”

Be extremely careful with your social security number and get a credit check every year to look out for any strange activity on your account.

And criminals are now preying on kid’s social security numbers. Eva’s dad David Sapp says he didn’t even think about this.

Sapp said, “It’s a little more scary, I wouldn’t want her to deal with anything when she turns 18 or goes to file for her student loans or a car loan or whatever it might be.”

Meyer actually gets credit checks for her two sons just in case.

“It’s better to stop it sooner than wait till their old enough when they’re applying for their first job or they’re going for their rent because everyone checks your credit report,” said Meyer.

Don’t become one of the 110 million Americans who have been affected by the fastest growing crime in the United States.