MSUM Film Professor Honored For Award

 An MSUM professor is being honored for winning a prestigious teaching award.

The school held a reception for film professor Kyja Kristjansson–Nelson’s achievement on winning the CASE award.

It is the only national program to recognize excellence in undergraduate education.

Among the speakers were MSUM president Anne Blackhurst, a colleague and a former student.

They all spoke to Kristjansson–Nelson’s dedication to her career.

“It means a lot, I think that it speaks not only in terms of the work I’ve been doing with students, but also I think it speaks on behalf of everything we’re doing in our department and all the great faculty that I work with. So I feel like it’s an award for all of us, a win for MSUM,” said Kristjansson–Nelson.

Kristjansson–Nelson is the eleventh professor at MSUM to be recognized by the Carnegie Foundation.

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