Fargo Parking In Moorhead Mall?

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 Fargo city leaders are looking at a plan to help ease parking congestion downtown.

 It involves people parking at the Moorhead Center Mall and taking a shuttle bus downtown and back.

“I just drive around and sometimes I just give up,” said Linda Johansen of Fargo.

Johansen is frustrated with parking in downtown Fargo.
City leaders recently approved a $135,000 plan to present to the commission as a whole that aims to help.

A shuttle bus would run between the Moorhead Center Mall and downtown Fargo.

“I think that we can get there and today we made a step at least to make a recommendation from finance to pay for such a route,” said Fargo City Commissioner Mike Williams.

Members of the City Finance Committee say the Moorhead Mayor expressed concerns that this wouldn’t benefit Moorhead.
But members say it would drive people to shop at the mall among other perks.

“People are understanding the value of not having to drive everywhere you go, so giving people more opportunities to use transit, and see the value will expand the number of riders on our current bus system,” said Williams.

Jacki Brophy has downtown meetings that last a few hours but parking lasts 90 minutes.

“Totally living on the edge, what do parking tickets run now? I could be living very dangerously who knows,” said Brophy of Fargo.

While many in the area are frustrated with parking in downtown Fargo, others are suggesting alternative travel methods.

Jason Powell thinks people should be biking more often.

“I think if you promoted that enough, I think that would dissolve a lot of the issues,” said Powell of Fargo.

Fargo city leaders are still in talks with Moorhead for the bus circulation system.
Until then, people like Johansen will keep on hoping for a better parking system.

“Why do they keep putting up new stores, better stores? They, you know they spiff up downtown and then you can’t get to any of it,” said Johansen.

Fargo will vote on the plan next week.
If it passes, leaders will continue to work with Moorhead to reach an agreement.