Climbing The Ladder In Stilettos

Achieving Personal And Professional Dreams

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Feature author, business consultant and inspiring speaker Lynette Lewis celebrates the release of ‘Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos.’

Local chamber program WOMEN CONNECT allowed Lewis to speak about her new book to almost 500-women from around the area sharing all she has learned over the years and the challenges she’s faced in order to become the successful and professional woman she is today.

The book is full of tools and strategies for achieving personal and professional dreams.

Lewis specifically addresses the importance of fostering long-term relationships and encouraging leadership in both business and daily life.

Lewis says, “I looked back and there were a handful of strategies and techniques that I’d adopted in my professional life and really wished that someone had written them out and handed them to me when I graduated college so I wrote my book for that woman. For the woman who says ‘I feel like things are going okay but I’d love a few new strategies to really take me to the next place.”

“Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” is currently available in book stores and online.