F-M Diversion Tension

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If the F–M flood diversion does happen, the Moorhead area would be protected in the event of a 100 year flood, otherwise there could be some serious consequences.

Former Moorhead Mayor Morrie Lanning, who served as the city’s leader for 21 years says experts have new findings on the floods.

Morrie Lanning said, “A 100 year event would be higher than the 2009 flood and kind of sends shivers up the spine of anyone who live here through that flood here.”

The Department of Natural Resources is conducting a four year environmental impact study and if the DNR says no, Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams, says Moorhead’s out too. Lanning isn’t happy with that idea.

“To simply just throw our hands up in the air and just say there’s nothing we can do about it I do not think is the right approach,” said Lanning.

Mayor Williams thinks otherwise saying she’s not going to be the only one going against the state of Minnesota.

Mayor Williams said, “He is not representing Moorhead, I would not want to be the one city that decides were not going to participate.”

“Well I don’t think we need to be lukewarm about it,” said Lanning.

Mayor Williams is not opposed to the diversion, but she wants to follow the DNR’s recommendations.

“Because I’m not demanding anything and being irritant to the state that pays for our flood protection does not mean I do not care,”said Mayor Williams.

Mayor Williams says she’ll wait for the final draft by the DNR which is expected in August.

The flood diversion for the F–M area is set at a 100 year flood protection level verses places like Grand Forks and Wahpeton currently at the 200 year level.

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