Kindergartners Celebrate 100th Day Of School

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When you’re only five or six–years–old, 100 of anything is a lot.

The kindergartners of Longfellow Elementary School in Fargo played dress up and celebrated their one–hundredth day of class.

Anna Halverson celebrates her 100th day in kindergarten by dressing for the occasion.

The kindergartner explains, “I dressed up as a Granny.”

Students dress as 100–year–olds and Anna compliments her attire with a pair of specially made glasses.

Halverson says, “These are sunglasses and we popped out the lenses so they could look like real glasses.”

Besides grandma and grandpa attire, students wore hats reading “I Am 100 Days Smarter” recognizing their growth since the first day of school.

Kindergarten teacher Christina Bachmeier says, “If you think about where they started out in August and where they are now they’ve grown so much. In so many ways and have learned so much. It’s pretty significant.”

The day was full of math and art activities revolving around the number 100. Students also snacked in the number’s honor with a list of different treats.

Halverson adds, “Captain Crunch. M&Ms. Pirate Booties.”

The kindergarten teachers hope that today’s 100–day celebration is full of memories the students can carry with them until they turn 100–years–old.

Bachmeier says, “I hope they can associate good emotions with today, with school, kindergarten.”

Other kindergartners across the district marked their learning milestone with classroom activities for the day centering around the number 100.