Early Start For F-M Golfers

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 It’s an earlier than normal golfing season.
Courses in Moorhead opened almost two weeks ago but here in Fargo they won’t open until Monday.
The windy and wet weather are some of the main factors delaying the courses from opening.

Jeff Johnson regularly golfs in Fargo.

Having to wait more time for the courses to open is not the best news he’s heard.
“Well that’s a bummer, but when you grow up in this neck of the woods you know, mother nature isn’t always kind so you have to get creative when you’re a golfer in the northland,” said Johnson of Fargo.
Golf courses in Fargo start their season anywhere from March to May.

This year they’re opening early, but people will have to wait one more weekend.
“With the lower temperatures and really the winds, if we had some decent temps and the sun came out, you know people would be out there,” said Osgood Head Pro Lisa Schwinden.

Here at the Osgood Golf Shop, the staff is making sure they’re ready for the early start.
“The pro shop here, we start stocking with merchandise, getting for leagues. Just doing lots of planning and getting ready to open the doors,” said Schwinden.
Pretty soon, people like Johnson will start heading out onto the greens, with permission of course.
“Golf is my time, just, I have to negotiate with my wife but when she says it’s ok then it’s my time. I look forward to playing golf in the spring. I look forward to watching the Masters on TV. It’s almost like Christmas time for me,” said Johnson.
Until then, practice makes perfect, inside.
Four of the golf courses in Fargo will be opening on March 30th, but El Zagal will remain closed for the season due to renovations.

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