Fargo-Moorhead Construction On The Way

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Spring has finally arrived and that means construction season is upon us.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says there are several major projects happening in and around the F–M area.

The sights, the sounds…Construction season is here! And for those in the F–M area, they know what’s coming.

MSUM student Andy Leines says, “I suppose you should try to avoid the construction but that might be difficult if you’re someone who goes back and forth a lot.”

The Minnesota State Highway Construction Program includes over 290–projects.

17 of those in Moorhead valued at $70–million dollars. One of the projects is happening along Main Avenue.

Tom Towbridge says, “The main part of that is it includes various turning lanes which are designed to improve the operations of the traffic network specifically in regard to railroad preemption issues.”

There will be expansion construction on Highway 75 south of 40th Street in Moorhead where it widens out from a 2–lane to a 4.

The Moorhead Assistant Engineer says, “To accommodate development that’s on–going in that area, the widening will be extended to south of 46th Avenue South.”

20th Street in Moorhead, which is currently a dead end at 34th Avenue will be extended to 43rd Avenue South along with other new additions.

Towbridge adds, “From the interstate to the 30th it will be a mini-overlay. We’ll get a traffic signal at 30th Avenue, which has been an intersection people are eager to see that happen.

Besides Moorhead, Fargo has projects planned like the reconstruction of a 4–lane divided roadway on 32nd Avenue from Sheyenne Street to Veterans Blvd.

MnDOT District Engineer Jody Martinson says, “When you are heading out, check to see if there’s an alternative route you can take if you still need to take that one and go through the construction zone. We’re asking you to please pay attention, put your seat belt on and put that cellphone in the glove box.”

If you’re plan to head to the lakes this summer, expect lane closures along Highway 10, restrictions on Highway 59 and temporary access points at Frontage Road near Detroit Lakes.