Horse 101 In Hawley

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A class in Hawley is teaching people in the community how to be around horses.

The lessons are designed for people who don’t know anything about the hoofed animals.
This group in Hawley is learning the ins and outs of horses; anything from their eating habits, to their sleeping patterns.

Ryan and Rebekah Collins are a married couple from Fargo and they decided to take the class together.

Rebekah is a long time animal lover.
“We have very little experience with horses, but I mean this is a great experience learning more about them and what they do here , and we have a special place in our heart too for rescue animals so now we’re like, Oh maybe we should adopt one,” said Rebekah.

The Hightail Horse Ranch also operates as a rescue.

Charlotte Tuhy is the ranch owner and director.

She’s been giving people these lessons for around three to four years.

“For me it’s been joyful. It’s just really fun. Of course horses are my passion and what’s not fun about sharing that passion with other people,” said Tuhy.
She says there are several benefits to being around horses.
“Balance; emotional, health, mental health, recreation activity, things like that,” said Tuhy.
For some people, it was one of their first experiences being in a ranch–like environment.
“We’re more city folk and we don’t get much out into the country but it’s nice to experience nature and get to know some new people,” said Rebekah.
But with some new experiences under their belt, they may consider adopting a horse.
“Maybe some time, we haven’t talked about it. No we haven’t,” said Rebekah  and Ryan.
To find out how you can take a beginning course on horses you can visit