Fargo Police Kick Off National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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 If you text and drive, the Fargo Police Department is looking for you.

This is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Doesn’t matter where or when you drive – the roads are a dangerous place.

John Salter says, “Every day I almost get into an accident both in Fargo and Moorhead.”

Salter isn’t the only driver that agrees there’s a need for an increase in distraction and texting enforcement.

Randy Lahey says, “You do see a lot of people texting and obviously they’re poor drivers to.”

Fargo Police say distracted driving is a factor in 60% of all crashes by teenagers and it’s becoming an overall epidemic nationwide.

Fargo Police Sgt. Jim Kringlie says, “Distracted driving is one of many reasons we have an increase in accidents which can result in fatalities.”

Throughout the month, there will be officers patrolling the streets specifically looking for those texting but that’s not the only thing their keeping an eye out for.

Traffic Safety Sargent says, “If they see someone run a red light or stop sign or speeds, they will stop them and take enforcement action for.”

If you are caught texting and even looking at the weather on our KVRR app while driving you may suffer some consequences.

Kringlie says, “It’s a $100–fine which is five times more than the average traffic citation.

Which in the eye of driver, it’s a whole cheaper than losing a life.

Lahey adds, “For my safety, as well as the kids and just anyone out on the road.”

There will be extra enforcement on Minnesota roads, next week.