Sanford Health Preps for Infectious Diseases (VIDEO)

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Sanford is leading by example in preparing for the next Ebola or infectious diseases outbreak.

They are opening special treatment rooms that will be used for quarantine situations.
KVRR’s Brittany Ford has the story.

The Ebola virus last year brought to light how unprepared many health institutions were in handling such situations.

The virus may not be a high threat anymore but Sanford has used the breakout as a wakeup call.

Doctors are doing everything necessary to ensure they are prepared at the Sanford South University campus.

“If Healthcare institutions are honest the answer is yes definitely a wakeup call and a push to have all of us look a lot harder how we prepare for these highly contagious pathogens and try to be ready”

The institution has remodeled their old intensive care unit into an isolated center to treat high infectious diseases.

The special care unit features specialized protective gear and has many additional safety factors to ensure safe patient to staff contact.

“Now its additional safety factors as this pass through door that Sanford is using to ensure patient and staff safety”

The rooms even possess ultraviolet light technology which constantly disinfects each of the rooms.

“A typical room where all the light is being absorbed by the walls it might take up to 45 minutes to disinfect a room so with the U-V reflective coating we can cut that down by about 80-percent”

The treatment facility is now completed and fully equipped to handle any illness requiring isolation.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.

The remodel was estimated to cost up to a quarter million dollars.