Finding the Beat During UND’s Timeout Week

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UND students are kicking off their annual Time Out Week.

This week is designed to educate the community about the American Indian culture.  Students tell KVRR’s Erin Lisch why they hope this year is different than last year’s.

You hear the rhythm  and see the movement of the dancers at a powwow during the UND Time Out Week.

But last year, there was a shadow casted over the week after a group of students created shirts with a picture of an American Indian and the saying “super drunk”.

Something not everyone was impressed by.

“Really disappointing last year, but I can already see the impact that it has had on the community and what people are doing to move past it and to create a better sense of community here.”

“Although there is stereotypes, I think people need to see past them and not be stuck in the past.”

School officials say this week is to express our individuality.

“Share your story, not matter what it is. To be able to share that story, encourage other people to do the same and not fall for that danger, not fall into the trap of assuming that a single story speaks for everyone.”

Students hope that Time Out Week bring others together and learn about each other’s cultures.

“There’s just something to be said hearing people tell their own story and getting the background information and learning more about what people do and what they want to see out of the education we put on.”

We may be different but those at UND say it’s important to step out of their comfort zone and come together to experience this inspiring week.

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