Maple Valley Vote; Absentee Ballots Still Need Counting

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The results are in after a second special election on a $10.3 million bond measure in the Maple Valley School District, and it’s too close to call.

The superintendent says they will wait and count all absentee ballots before announcing the results on Monday.

KVRR’s Erin Lisch tells us more about the vote.

“It’s important to vote”

For a second time, people are deciding on building a new high school in Tower City and turning the existing one into an elementary.

“For all people, whatever election is up you should be voting.”

School officials in Tower City and Buffalo want to make sure this is the absolute correct vote.

“The school board just wanted to revote because we think it’s an important project in our district to try to¬† move forward so that is why we are doing it again right away.”

The initial election was 4 months ago, and once the re-election was called for school officials sent out information continuously on why the bond measure should be passed this time around.

“We thought it was close enough so we thought if we can get more information out to the people, we thought that maybe some of the no votes will maybe yes if they heard some more information about the project.”

Those not having kids of their own at the school say it’s still a good idea for this to go through.

“It’s a good opportunity for the school to stay right here in this area, all the folk and the kids in the area to have a nice school. Where they can go enjoy sports and music and all the other things that little small schools can sure provide.”

Erin Lisch KVRR News.

If the bond passes, bids on building the new high school will begin in August.