Dry Weather Still Brings Optimistic Farmers

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Dry conditions in the region are good and bad for farmers.

They were able to get in the fields earlier, but now their crops need rain.
They are usually worried about too much moisture in their fields this time of year.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford tells us how they are now dealing with it being too dry.

Patience is a key factor for farmers in the area in what has been one of the driest planting seasons.

Many growers have already started to plant and have yet to see promising results.

“It’s been two weeks and it has sprouted a little bit or hasn’t done anything yet.”

Moisture problems in the key stages of planting can be a blessing and a curse.
The region is in the beginning stages of drought though the causes for it are complex.

Drought may be too harsh of a word for what just may be temporary.

“I think the word drought gets people excited in some ways with any sort of major climate issue you have to look at the long term.”
Dr. Sando explained to me that what we may now be calling a drought could easily change in the weeks to come. It is impossible to know when a drought has begun or when it will end.
“The soil may still be dry now but farmers aren’t worried because it’s still early in the season.”
“It is still early and it’s still middle of April and stuff can change I’m still optimistic that we still can have a good crop.”

Rob says rain is in the forecast in the days to come which is promising.

It is sure to help with the rough start to this planting season.

Reporting live Brittany Ford, KVRR News.