West Fargo Skydiving Accident

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 A 48–year–old skydiver is sent to the hospital after a “hard landing” at the West Fargo airport.

He landed around 11 this morning and authorities tell us his injuries did not appear life threatening
48–year–old Roger Thompson of Bismarck landed here around 11 this morning, but things didn’t go as expected.

Authorities tell us he came down too hard.
“From what was described to us by a witness that was probably 1000 feet higher than him, probably came in a little too hot and down,” said West Fargo Police Department Officer Joe Birrenkott.
Police say the man is an experienced jumper, having completed around 70 jumps.

Unfortunately, this jump was different from the others.
“He was taken by F–M Ambulance to Sanford. I know he was complaining about leg and back pain,” said Officer Joe Birrenkott.
The Fargo Skydiving Club did postpone jumps temporarily but that didn’t stop anyone.
Including Scott Peterson of Thompson, North Dakota.
After hearing the news about the earlier jump, he wasn’t worried even though it’s his first time.
“Doesn’t bother me at all. I’m sure it happens, it’s an experienced jumper so he knew what he was doing I’m sure,” said Peterson.
He was ready to fall from a plane when the club postponed jumps.
“We were up on the plane actually just about ready to jump and we’re all first time jumpers so there was too much of a wind so they called it off for us,” said Peterson.
West Fargo police say they have only seen two to three fatalities involving local skydivers in the last 30 years.

And that statistic isn’t stopping people like Peterson.
“I’m ready,” said Peterson.
Skydive Fargo is investigating the accident.