FM Derby Girls Promote Suicide Prevention

F–M Derby League is raising awareness of suicide prevention in memory of a 15–year–old skater.

Sam Taub, also known as Casper #57, was a junior derby skater from Michigan.

He was transsexual and was a victim of bullying which led to his suicide.

F–M derby skaters joined together with others across the derby world by wearing turquoise to honor Casper’s memory and to help bring awareness to bullying and suicide prevention.

“I just think people should support it, just be – be aware and if you need help or you know somebody that needs help try giving them the contacts that they need and who they need to talk to, because if they just need someone to talk to, that could be the one thing that keeps them from taking their own life,” Says Samantha Adducci, Vice President of the FM Girls Derby.

Skaters also took to Twitter using the hashtag DoItFor57.