Locals Making Each Vote Count

Lines out the door greeting election workers for early voting in Fargo’s special election.

Voting has started for mayor, city commissioner and home rule charter question.

Early voting at Baymont Inn in Fargo started at 10 this morning and is still open for the next hour. This morning there was a constant flow of people coming in to cast their ballots.

Thousands of people are coming out to the polls early this week to make their selections in the special election.

Rober Wold who decided to vote early said, “Fargo is growing, it’s mayor it’s going to be a really important part of our government.”

Interim Mayor Tim Mahoney is facing off against former city commissioner Brad Wimmer for mayor.

6 people are in the running for Mahoney’s empty city commission seat.

You will also vote on a home rule charter question requiring a commissioner to resign in order to run for mayor.

You must be 18, a resident and bring your ID.

Cass County Election Coordinator DeAnn Buckhouse said, “These positions the city positions are the ones that affect our day to day lives. And so, they’re equally if not more important, but equally important as the state positions, or the federal positions.'”

Election Day is next Tuesday, but for one voter, she says that it’s nice to have the option of voting early.

Florence Becker of Fargo said, “We use to get an hour to go vote in a small town that we lived in before, but this is nice because I know our kids at work have a hard time otherwise.”

Early Voting:

April 20th-22nd

Location: Baymont Inn

Time: 10:00am-7:00pmStarting again tomorrow morning at 10, you can head over to the Baymont Inn to cast your ballot.