CCRI Gears Up For Fargo Marathon

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Charities are teaming up again to run in the Fargo Marathon to raise awareness and money.

CCRI is one of the 26 participating charities.

Dave Pompe has been running the Fargo Marathon 5K the past four years with the CCRI team.

He also runs with his two daughters, eleven–year–old Madalyn and ten–year–old Jasmyn.

CCRI Runner Dave Pompe says, “It’s a great opportunity for them to see people that may be different from them.”

The Creative Care For Reaching Independence team is a group of people with many different disabilities all with the same goal – to get to the finish line.

Jody Hudson says, “We’ll have people who will run across the finish line, walking across the finish line as well as rolling across the finish line.”

One special memory the team has from last year is when Ashlin Heng, a disabled and wheelchair ridden participant, with the help of others walked past the finish line.

The CCRI Team Captain says, “It’s a day of smiles and high fives and huge accomplishments.”

Charity teams draw large crowds to the races as they help bring awareness to various causes.

Fargo Marathon Director Mark Knutson says, “I know there are a lot of groups that will run in support of a charity or a friend or a loved one.”

Last year, the CCRI team had 70 people.

This year, they hope for over 80.

The stars you see here represent those already signed up.

Pompe adds, “Promoting a healthy activity and then the opportunity to do it with some fun people.”

You can still sign up for the Fargo Marathon.

It begins May 7th with the big race on May 9th.

Here is the link to register: