Hillsboro Sports Complex on the Ballot Tomorrow

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The fate for a new outdoor sports complex will be decided tomorrow in Hillsboro.
Signs have been posted around the town encouraging community members to vote yes.

It is expected to cost one-point-five million dollars.

School district officials state that it is important for Hillsboro to invest in the project to enhance the town’s athletics.

The complex would help all sporting events, especially track which has lacked its own training field.

Paula Pederson, Hillsboro Superintendent”Right now they’re practicing on the streets and on the football field and inside the gyms. So inconvenient for the athletes to actually have a facility that they could practice on. “

Some of the new improvements will include an eight-lane track, bleachers to seat up to 500 people, and a new media box.

It will take a 60-percent majority vote for it to pass.