Jury Selected for West Fargo Teacher Sex Trial

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A jury is seated for the trial of Aaron Knodel.

The former North Dakota “Teacher of the Year” is accused of having sex with a student.
Eight women and five men will decide his fate.

KVRR’s Erin Lisch was at the courthouse all day and joins us live with the latest.


TJ and Alison,

A packed court room of 79 potential jurors have been narrowed down to 13.
Then prosecutors presented their opening statement.

The state began opening statements to round out the full day of jury selection. The state said that during the alleged victim’s senior year, Knodel began contacting the 17 year old through long phone calls and text messages.

In February, of 2009 they began having oral sex at multiple locations including at his house, her car and at West Fargo High School.
“It happened before during and after school in his classroom.”
According to the state, Knodel had a cardinal rule for the victim during their interactions with each other.

“Don’t contact me unless I contact you first.”
Allegedly she broke that rule and sent a text message that Knodel’s wife found. That was when everything stopped between the teacher and student.

Tomorrow morning the defense will present their opening statement followed by testimony by witnesses. It’s expected that the trial will last through this week and possibly into next.