Valley Senior Services Throws 90+ Birthday Party

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Valley Senior Services throws its 23rd annual 90+ birthday party.

Senior citizens from the F–M area get the chance to celebrate their milestones.

One hundred 90–plus year olds came together at Hope Lutheran Church for one big birthday party.

97–year–old Mae Seiles and 98–year–old Fred Quam are the oldest two at Valley Senior Service’s 90+ birthday party.

97-year-old Mae Seiles says, “It’s really been fun.”

98-year-old Fred Quam says, “Nice to honor people when they chase this milestone in their life.”

They didn’t hold back on the party details either.

Entertainment was provided by the “Rocking 60s.”

There was trivia, cupcakes, ice cream and even some got prizes.

Laura Maeyaert says, “They each get a set of balloons. The female gets a tiara and the man is getting a little fedora hat.”

Valley Senior Services say a special occasion like this allows these seniors to get out of their homes to celebrate their milestone birthdays.

The Valley Senior Service Coordinator adds, “Not alot of people live to be 90-years-old so if you make it to 90, it’s something you should celebrate.”

These special partiers have seen a lot in their lives and have some advice for those younger.

Selies says, “You just keep smiling and keep going on.”

Quam says, “Keep busy. Do something and exercise.”

The event was free and open to those 90 and older.