Day 2 Wrap-Up of West Fargo Teacher Sex Trial

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Day two of the trial for a West Fargo teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student back in 2009.

Aaron Knodel and the rest of the court room heard from the alleged victim when she took the stand.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford has more.
Tensions were high in the court room. As key witness the former student and alleged victim took the stand.

During her time on the stand she asked the judge if she could have someone in the courtroom leave because she left that she was being stared down.

She explained the relationship began to get more intimate toward the ending months of her senior year at West Fargo High School.

“I did a lot of things with Aaron my morals would have never let me do.”

The highlight of today’s trial was the direct and cross examination of the alleged victim.
The victim went into detail in how the relationship started with flirtatious text messages.
“I was trying to hide my phone so they wouldn’t look at my text messages and I remember Aaron said he liked my hands because they were small petite and young.”
The victim went into detail on how the two had oral sex in the classroom, her dad’s car, and once at his home. But it never went past that.
“I tried to unbutton his pants and he said no and I said why and he said he wanted to wait until I was 18. So after that we just stopped.”
With no record of text messages, and phone records that do not prove the substance of each call, prosecutors are using post-it notes left in a borrowed Twilight book as their key piece of evidence.

The trial is expected to last for another two or three days.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.
The two other witnesses on the stand were a handwriting specialist and West Fargo Superintendent David Flowers.