Local Students Practice Sports At Concordia InSports Day

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 Local college athletes are helping younger students in the area sharpen some of their skills in different sports.

The athletes are some of the best on their teams.
Young students from around the area are taking part in InSports Day at Concordia College.

It’s a day where local students can learn from college athletes about different sports.

2nd grader Annie Horan loves playing outside.
“It’s really nice for them to bring all the kids here and let them play all the sports,” said Annie.
InSports is an organization created by Concordia College students.

It’s a way for them to give back to the community.
“I think it’s huge for the younger kids to just get experience at different sports, but also you know, start having some role models of the older athletes,” said Organizer Max Smith.
Andrew Deters is a senior hockey player at Concordia.

He is one of the many athletes helping teach younger students how to play the different sports.
“The life skills that sports have taught us, we just want to give that back to the kids and show them what sports can do for them,” said Deters.
Some of the students were so excited about the program that they said they hope it will return next year.
“It’s really fun here. I hope I can do this a lot again,” said Horan.
It’s a day where kids can get in the game, no matter what skill level.
Throughout the day, the kids learned about basketball, hockey, football and soccer.

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