Mayoral Candidates Final Words Before Special Election

We’re just hours away from Fargo’s special city election for a new mayor.

Residents will finally cast their votes for either the acting Mayor Tim Mahoney or Brad Wimmer.

We spoke with both candidates for their final words before the election.

Brad Wimmer is a born and raised Fargo native who is running for the mayoral office for the second time.

He ran against the late Mayor Dennis Walaker in 2014 and says this time the odds are in his favor.

Brad Wimmer says, “I think you have to keep changing and I think that’s what we do. We run from the heart and we keep changing things and that’s what Fargo has to do in order to keep and maintain it’s viability.”

After Mayor Walaker’s passing in early December, Tim Mahoney stepped up to take on the acting title.

He said he had big shoes to fill and feels he has shown the people of Fargo what he is capable of but looks forward to the new opportunities if elected.

Mayor Tim Mahoney says, “If that happens then I can start doing some policies, vision and working on that for people and basically start doing things that you feel a little bit better once you’re an elected mayor like ‘Yup! I got the mandate of the people now.’”

Both men have a history working for the City of Fargo and believe their past experience will help pave the way for future success.

Wimmer says, “I think without my stint on the park board, my stint on the North Dakota League of Cities…without my two terms on the city commission, I would not be prepared to be the mayor.”

Mahoney says, “I’ve been honored to serve as mayor during this time and I would hope that the people would choose me as mayor. It’s a position in which we’re basically the face of Fargo on many different issues. It’s a office I’d be humble to serve at.”

There will be 6 locations for you to cast your ballots tomorrow.

And the Mayoral Candidates are excited for the big day.

Wimmer says, “We’re enthused. We’re ready. And we’re looking forward to being the next mayor of Fargo.”

Mahoney says, “I’m ready! I just want to get to the vote. I kind of want to see what the people want.”

Cass County voters will elect a mayor, one city commissioner and decide on a home rule charter question that requires a commissioner to resign in order to run for mayor.