City Commission Hopeful Cole Carley Speaks About Election

KVRR catches up with City Commission hopeful Cole Carley at his NDSU Alumni Center watch party awaiting election results and this is what he has to say:

KVRR: How do you feel about the election?

CC: Feeling good. Had a real grassroots effort. I had never run for City Commission or Student Council so this is my first election ever. But I’m feeling good.

KVRR: What is your agenda? What do you have in store if elected City Commission?

CC: I campaigned on four issues but the biggest one of course was water; our old nemesis. I’m not sure what I can do right away when I get into office on that but I want to make sure we’re okay on that and then probably because City Hall has been on everyone’s minds I probably want to dive into that pretty heavily.

KVRR: What is the very first thing you want to do on your very first day as City Commission?

CC: “Well, I think just doing this will be fun. I’ve realized as I was getting into the campaign, the more I learned about the budget the more I learned how all the allocations go and the more I talk to the people at City Hall the more I really wanted to do this and so I hope that when all this shakes out tonight that I’m going to be able to do this but one of the first things I want to do is talk to the people at City Hall that I didn’t have the chance to talk to during the campaign and just make sure I get all the connections wired in.